Local History

The House of The Lord Church At Philadelphia was first envisioned at the organizing meeting of a Bible study held in 1989 by the Miller, Chaney and Helwick families.  This Bible study convened on Diamond Street in Philadelphia with these three families reaching out to others. In 1990, the study group moved to 5203 N. Broad Street and applied to The National Church for Church status recognition. Upon approval, the new House of the Lord and Church on the Mount in Philadelphia convened with Senior Minister A. G. Miller as the first Pastor.

The new Church expanded in service to the community, ministry to the membership and invitations to membership. The following year, Pastor Miller and family moved to Oberlin, Ohio where upon then Junior Minister Adriel Chaney became ministry leader. ┬áMinister Adriel Chaney continued the expansion of our Church’s presence and service until he was elevated to Senior Minister and pioneering Pastor of the Church at Philadelphia at the national, annual general Holy Convocation convened in October, 1992.

The House Of The Lord Church At Philadelphia is now looking forward to it’s twenty second anniversary of service and ministry to the city and people of Philadelphia under the dynamic leadership of Pastor Adriel D. Chaney.